Miquel Vendrell

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  •     Projects and construction supervision

  •     Project activities

  •     Demolition projects

  •     Economic management of construction and renovation

  •     Project Management

  •     Reports, evaluations, and expert opinions

  •     Certificates of occupancy

  •     Technical Building Inspection (ITE)

  •     Topography

  •     Measurements and budgets

Who am I?

I am a professional with over 25 years of professional experience in various fields of Technical Architecture.
I worked with a wide range of professionals from different specialties within the powers and duties of the legislation.
The freedom to be an independent technical lets me choose my collaborators or form part of the most qualified and competent professional teams in each specialty. I can therefore offer a more tailored and personalized to the needs of each client.
My services are based on a careful customer, a relationship of trust and professionalism.
Among my professional interventions were:

  •  Construction management

  •  Financial management of projects

  •  Reports, assessments and surveys

  •  topography

  •  Reform projects

  •  Industrial Measurements and budgets

  •  Project Manager

Please contact me for any question.

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